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GUTMANN goes Nordic

GUTMANN has succeeded in fulfilling the special market demands of Northern Europe and has developed outward-opening windows in the usual top quality. The narrowly designed profiles for the NORDWIN system bring a lot of light into the building and accentuate rooms in a spectacular manner. The opening mechanism creates additional space in the window and living areas. The color options of the high-performance aluminium shell are nearly endless.

The NORDWIN aluminium system can be installed without alteration of the wood cross section.

  • Additional time-consuming and expensive processing of glazing strips is omitted because the aluminium sash profile replaces the glazing strip
  • Aluminium frames are installed bay by bay in a multipart window, which permits rational assembly of the aluminium windows
  • Mullions, transoms, fixed glazing, double rebate and element linkage can be carried out easily
  • With small radii on the visible edge, the profiles display clear lines
  • GUTMANN NORDWIN can be processed with the accessory range from the GUTMANN MIRA system without restriction
Water tightnessWater tightness9A
Air permeabilityAir permeability4
Wind loadWind loadC4 / B4
Operating forcesOperating forces2

Test sample: Single sash top-hung window with fixed side glazing, outward opening (1,600 mm x 1,200 mm), Test report 102 367 46/12

1 Element size: 1,230 mm x 1,480 mm | Wood species: Spruce | Ug value: 1,1 W/m2K | Glass spacer: Aluminium

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