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Aluminium as a material stands for useful, durable, reliable, and safe products. Because of its qualities and universal fields of application, we can find aluminium in almost all areas of day-to-day life.

In Neumünster, Germany, NordAlu GmbH is manufacturing the 5th generation of adjustment pipes for vacuum cleaners of the renowned Vorwerk brand. NORDALU is able to meet the high demands for shape, appearance, and functionality by means of special machines developed exclusively for that purpose.

The FIRST AID BOX made of premium aluminium is easily accessible when needed and protects the contents from soiling, moisture, and high temperatures. The elegant design makes it fit perfectly in any modern environment. GUTMANN AG supplies the aluminium profiles - completely sawed, punched, and anodized - for this product.

Everything from one source – GARTNER EXTRUSION GmbH fully manufactures this lung test cabin, used for medical diagnoses. Component manufacturing, including purchasing outside supplied parts, is one of the core competences of GARTNER. GARTNER developed an assembly line specifically for this complex product. Zero-defect quality is an absolute must in medical engineering so that doctors and patients can fully trust the functionality of the devices they use.

Aluminium is also a popular material in the food industry because it does not pose a healthy hazard and is completely tasteless. GUTMANN AG supplies pipe clamps protected as a utility model in 39 different diameters ranging from 33.7 mm to 154 mm. The pipe clamps connect abutting pipes. In the food industry, these pipes are used to transport flour, sugar, or rice. The extruded aluminium profiles replace the previously used stainless-steel pipe clamps, which were very difficult to manufacture. The advantage of the new generation of pipe clamps is obvious: They are easier to manufacture, last longer, weigh less, and thus represent significant cost savings.