German roots and a global reach

The GUTMANN Group has a unique composition. Hardly any other group of companies in the industry is able to offer the breadth of services that we do from a single source. As a manufacturer of high-quality aluminium products for almost all market segments, the group can draw on decades of experience. GUTMANN Bausysteme GmbH, with its headquarters in Weissenburg, specialises in building systems. GUTMANN GmbH, also with its headquarters in Weissenburg is a trusted partner for all industry sectors. The first aluminium extrusion press went into operation there in 1962.

GUTMANN Bausysteme GmbH

Nuernberger Strasse 57
91781 Weissenburg

T +49 (9141) 995 11 36
F +49 (9141) 995 11 37


Nuernberger Strasse 57
91781 Weissenburg

T +49 (9141) 992 - 0
F +49 (9141) 992 - 212

Top quality precision profiles

GARTNER EXTRUSION GmbH is a part of the Group since 2004. GARTNER EXTRUSION GmbH is a market leader in the field of top quality precision profiles with extremely tight tolerances, which are applied, for example, in the fields of pneumatic and electric drive applications. GARTNER is also leading in profiles, composite structural components for curtain wall projects as well as component manufacturing for the medical industry and other sectors.


Peterswoerther Strasse 1A
89423 Gundelfingen

T +49 (9073) 8000 - 0
F +49 (9073) 8000 - 2106

Decorative aluminium profiles

NORDALU GmbH became part of the GUTMANN Group in 2007. NORDALU excels in producing profiles with highly decorative surfaces, also used in the sanitary industry. NORDALU GmbH is able to meet the high demands for shape, appearance and functionality by means of special machines developed exclusively for that purpose.


Oderstrasse 78 - 82
24539 Neumuenster

T +49 (4321) 889 - 0
F +49 (4321) 84865

Building systems and aluminium profiles for Switzerland


Chaltenbodenstrasse 16
8834 Schindellegi

T +41 (58) 310 - 1210
F +41 (58) 310 - 1211