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Perfection for your work

For new builds, renovations, retrofitting to improve energy efficiency or to provide anti-burglar protection, in residential buildings or in commercial buildings – GUTMANN building systems for doors, window and façades make your work easy. The modular elements and variety of profile shape dimensions make the building systems simple to customise. They provide excellent quality and optimum workmanship and enable combinations of different materials: aluminium with wood, plastic or structural bronze. This way you can seamlessly combine a range of material properties. We have a wealth of documentation available for the design phase and are happy to share it with you.

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Creatively versatile, structurally strong: aluminium systems

Aluminium has a wide variety of uses, it is exceedingly light and yet it is also indestructible. Little wonder that aluminium is highly sought-after, and not just in façade design. GUTMANN aluminium systems are thermally insulated and can be used wherever you need maximum quality and exceptional precision. Accessories and seals are compatible across all ranges. Our aluminium surfaces can be finished in any colours imaginable.

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Low-maintenance and easy to handle: aluminium/ plastic systems

Plastic is lightweight, low-maintenance and it can also be colour-coordinated in any variation. All RAL, NCS, decorative and special colours are available. The DECCO plastic-aluminium system combines these benefits with the useful features of aluminium. They are also easy to fit, thanks to their clever installation technology.

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Protective on the outside, snug on the inside: aluminium-wood systems

Our wood and aluminium systems combine the strong thermal insulation characteristics of wood and the weather resistance of aluminium. This is a persuasive mix that lasts a long time, saves costs and ensures quality of life: For example, aluminium on the outside to provide optimum weatherproofing, with wooden surfaces on the inside for a cosy feel: It may sound like a lot of design effort and complicated installation, but it’s actually very easy with GUTMANN aluminium-wood systems.

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Visual appeal with perfect protection: structural bronze

GUTMANN structural bronze is perfect for individual accents on the building. This coppery metal lends modern buildings an exceptional look. Unlike other materials, structural bronze requires no maintenance and is resistant to weather and environmental influences. Using our GUTMANN wood-aluminium systems as a basis, we can deliver all profiles in this special material on request. Bronze profiles have similar properties to aluminium. They experience slightly less thermal elongation and feature slightly greater stability.

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System Accessories

They’re functional but essential: window sills and door thresholds. But building fittings also need to harmonise with your design ideas. GUTMANN solutions blend beautifully into the buildings aesthetics while performing all the essential tasks from weatherproofing to thermal insulation and safety, thanks to the high-quality materials and workmanship.

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