Aluminium is true all-rounder. With its applications in cars, commercial vehicles, and railway transportation, aluminium is not only interesting from an ecological point of view but also from an economic one. Wherever aluminium is used in means of transportation, its low weight helps reduce the amount of fuel needed. It is also extremely sturdy, corrosion resistant and saltwater-proof, which makes it an ideal material for aircraft construction as well as ship and yacht building.

The oar blades manufactured by GARTNER EXTRUSION GmbH combine sturdiness, precision and high weather resistance. This makes successful sportsmanship possible even during exposure to extreme forces.

NORDALU GmbH has a long tradition of supplying systems for safety components in cars and commercial vehicles. The respective partners are supported by NordAlu early on in the development stage. NORDALU GmbH produces rollbars for convertibles for the following manufacturers: FERRARI, MASERATI, SAAB, VOLVO, FORD, OPEL, as well as further safety components for DAIMLER and its suppliers. In vehicle construction, the aluminium profiles are adapted perfectly to the geometry of the body. At the same time, the anodized surface protects against corrosion. The technical know-how and various processing options available at NORDALU ensure precise installation of the automatically extending tread for the latest Range Rover.

GUTMANN AG supplies aluminium profiles for the bicycle rack winning several awards in fixed lengths to the manufacturer, where they are further processed. The manufacturer sells the bike racks as a private brand directly to the end customer, while other models are sold as original accessories through renowned auto makers.