Resource-conserving manufacturing via economically use of aluminium & gearing our manufacturing process towards recycling e.g. with our remelting facility. Residual materials from surface finishing are transformed & recycled into marketable products.

Having high quality standards is an increasingly important principle within the GUTMANN Group

We never stop working to raise our standards. Being good inspires us to become even better. As part of our quality management, we continuously re-evaluate and improve our services, our customer focus as well as our own technical, social and personal competence in order to optimise the quality of our overall work. Our internal quality assurance system guarantees that only flawless components are sent on to the next processing step. The result: highly precise and functional products, which can be incorporated smoothly into our customers’ manufacturing processes.

We are especially dedicated to resource-conserving manufacturing. First and foremost, this means using our aluminium material economically and gearing our manufacturing process towards recycling.

Our goal is to operate in closed and loss-free circuit production and material flow. Any aluminium scrap accumulated during manufacturing is melted in our own remelting facility. In the subsequent casting process, high-quality aluminium billets are created for the production of our aluminium profiles.

Any residual materials from surface finishing are transformed and recycled into marketable products using procedures designed exclusively for that purpose. This not only reduces the amount of residual material but also contributes to lowering CO2 emissions.

In July 2009, the Society for the Study and Support of Economy in Schleswig-Holstein/Germany honoured these efforts with the “Environmental Economy Award”.