With the powder coating facility all RAL, NCS,  decorative or special colors are available. A high-quality color selection can be seen in our GUTMANN EXCLUSIV color fan. There can be coated e.g. profiles, aluminium shells for windows & edgings.

Exclusive Colours

In-house coating facilities

For many years now, GUTMANN has had its own anodising and powder coating facility. The total coating capacity is 6.3 million m² per year. In addition, two million m² are coated off-premises. The reason for this is that our own powder coating facility, which is mainly used for coating window sills, is designed for large volumes and permits only a few colour changes per day.

New, highly flexible powder coating facility

In order to better satisfy our customers' requirements, we have invested nearly seven million euros in a new powder coating facility equipped with two coating lines. The facility has a capacity of 1.4 million m² and is designed for coating smaller batch sizes. In addition to profiles, aluminium shells for wood and plastic windows as well as Z-shape and U-shape edgings can also be coated. One of the two lines is designed for high change rates, meaning up to 60 different colours can be used per day.

We are striving to achieve the GSB coating classes Premium and Sea Proof defined by GSB International e.V. (Gütegemeinschaft für die Stückbeschichtung von Bauteilen e.V. GSB international - Quality Association for the Piecework Coating of Building Components).

Simon Brunauer, who will take over management of manufacturing after commissioning, explained in 'Bauelemente Bau' magazine: "The facility has enabled us to take control of an important production step and thus quality. What's more, we can significantly streamline the complex process associated with off-premises coating. A number of work steps and transport routes are now no longer necessary, which will have a significant effect on delivery times."

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