Curtain Wall System

A modular system – freedom for designers

With the GUTMANN LARA GF mullion-transom glazing system, GUTMANN offers a curtain wall system that is ideal for large, multi story, heavily-subdivided glass areas. GUTMANN LARA GF can be used for complex glass roofs in the same way as classical winter garden construction.

The combination of the GUTMANN LARA GF mullion-transom curtain wall system and the passive house-certified GUTMANN MIRA therm 08 window system forms an intelligence solution in demanding passive house curtain wall construction through installation of highly effective thermal insulators. This innovative system gives architects, processors and building owners almost unlimited design freedom at a high technical level.

  • The glazing system is screwed to simple rectangular laminated timber or approved microlaminated wood.
  • GUTMANN LARA GF provides maximum tightness, even in areas of glass with multiple divisions. It permits overlapping of the inner mullion-transom seals on four planes at the T- joint, expanding architects’ and planners’ design freedom.
  • The glass is completely taken up within the profile system. Glass thickness from 9 mm to 64 mm are standard.
  • The GUTMANN LARA GF in different face width – 50 mm, 60 mm and 80 mm – is available.
  • The GUTMANN LARA GF system is also available in architectural bronze for particularly high architectonic requirements.
Water tightnessWater tightnessRE1200
Air permeabilityAir permeabilityAE
Wind loadWind load1500Pa / 2250Pa

Test sample: Mullion-transom curtain wall element, face width 50 mm (3,790 mm x 2,700 mm)

1 Restraining thickness: 48 mm with screw

2 Ug value: 0,5 W/m2K | Glass spacer: Swisspacer Ultimate

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