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Much of the world is still house bound, or partially, and trying to control much rising costs of consumer goods and utilities, fuel and energy bills increasing, causing many to rethink ways to minimize energy loss and reduce costs. Architects, in addressing these issues, put emphasis on using building envelopes that prevent heat from going in or escaping. Along with current trends gearing towards smart homes with maximum thermal insulation, and operating energy efficient products, consumers are exercising many ways to efficiently consume energy.


Home owners also benefit with acquiring high insulation building envelopes, guaranteeing reduced heat loss and efficient energy consumption which translates to lower bills and better future property investments. This is why Gutmann, continuously elevating their standards and technical specifications of their products to meet and anticipate global demands, present the wood aluminium MIRA contour HYBRIDTHERM windows and doors that combine the high thermal insulation of timber on the interior with the protective cladding of aluminium.

The energetic optimization of the wood-aluminium MIRA contour HYBRIDTHERM is a collaboration with the innovative glued wood manufacturer Holz Schiller GmbH to offer higher thermal insulation levels reaching passive house standards without forsaking aesthetics. The compatibility with MIRA contour and MIRA contour integral systems with the use of existing profiles makes for an economical solution while achieving higher thermal values. Our system MIRA Contour HYBRIDTHERM combines the best of both materials to produce the best of beauty and functionality, meeting architectural standards of sophistication and contemporary style with a warm interior ambience.

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