GUTMANN GLS 180, the aluminium sliding door series from GUTMANN building systems

Sliding door elements expand our possibilities: They allow us to define our spaces ourselves. GUTMANN building systems places great value not only on the convenient functionality, but also on the thought-out technology and modularity as well as the sophisticated appearance of its door, window, and façade systems. With GUTMANN GLS 180, you benefit from an excellent quality.
Sliding doors allow new freedom and architectural design possibilities for interior and exterior areas. Trust the GLS 180 sliding door, formerly known as SC180.

Functionality and aesthetics

Create synergies between functionality and aesthetics to produce design solutions with a variety of colours and effects for a sophisticated look. 
Aluminium is extremely stable and robust with a very low weight. Thanks to its high static properties, it is particularly resistant and suitable for heavy loads. It is also low-maintenance, easy to care for and simple to clean.

Technical characteristics of the sliding door series

The high tightness as well as the triple insulating glass, the GUTMANN GLS 180 sliding door system offers a sound insulation of up to 44 decibels and thermal insulation with heat transfer coefficient of 0.95 W/m, ensuring a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. The GUTMAN GLS 180 aluminium sliding door system was tested resistance class RC 2. In addition, elements to increase burglary protection are available. The GUTMANN GLS 180 sliding door system reliably seals the interior against rainwater from outside and is at the same time permeable to air in order to prevent condensation. Increasing digitalisation is also expanding the possibilities in our industry: use the innovative technology to automate your windows, doors and sliding doors.

Easy and uncomplicated installation

Like all GUTMANN construction systems, the GUTMANN GLS 180 sliding door series is uncomplicated and efficient to install. It has a symmetrical profile structure: Accessories in the inner and outer shells are uniform.

  • straight profile cuts for economical processing

  • subsequent adjustment of the locking points is possible

  • uncomplicated assembly of the sash elements

  • simple and effective sealing system

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