GUTMANN architectural bronze: A visual highlight

Facade and window system profiles made of architectural bronze are a visual highlight: Their varying coloration has a noble and lively effect. They also blend in particularly well with a natural environment. Thanks to their durability, they can additionally withstand strong weather conditions. Are you looking for a modern facade system? Choose GUTMANN building systems, the optimal surfaces in a maritime environment.

With its natural colors, architectural bronze lends a special visual contrast to the windows and facades of modern buildings in particular: After its oxidation phase, a brown-red surface with brown-gray coloring and yellow accents appears. Depending on the influence of the environment and weathering, the material gradually turns dark brown-anthracite. This subsequent formation of patina occurs with quite different results. The irregular color dynamics distinguish the material and create an interesting and lively effect. The fascinating coloration of the building material depends on the environment and convinces by its individuality. At any point in its constant process of change, the patina is a visual highlight. At the same time, it is uncomplicated: With architectural bronze, there is no need for surface finishing or maintenance. This makes it ideal for surfaces in maritime environments.

Architectural bronze is a proven material for exterior applications. Accordingly, it is ideally suited for facade and window systems: In addition to its individual appearance, it is characterized by durability and stability. The material also impresses with its robust nature for constructions near the sea. The building material has the extraordinary property of being able to repair damage to the surface on its own. Abrasions or scratches that occur over time disappear through the formation of a new patina. The damaged areas are initially recognizable by a lighter shade, but then turn metallic brown and subsequently disappear. The exposed surface of the metal is cleaned with only water and neutral wetting agent. This makes the material almost maintenance-free and extremely resistant to weathering and possible environmental influences. Therefore, especially in a maritime environment, choose building systems made of architectural bronze.

The high-quality facade and window system profiles of GUTMANN Bausysteme GmbH enhance every building with that certain something. Due to their resistance to weathering and inclement weather, the profiles are suitable for almost all requirements. The systems have the following properties:

  • durable and low-maintenance
  • technically proven and modularly applicable
  • sustainable and efficient
  • safe and resistant

The wood-aluminum window and facade systems GUTMANN MIRA and GUTMANN LARA GF can be supplied in GUTMANN BAUBRONZE on request.

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