Create your winter garden with GUTMANN

Ever dreamt of being surrounded by nature all year long? Well this is your chance to create a winter garden. The vision of sitting amid falling snow flakes or listening to drizzling rain while enjoying nature is simply divine. With changing climates and severe winter conditions, winter gardens are becoming increasingly popular, no need to settle for a barren space or be cooped up indoors for long periods of time. So, bring your outdoors in with GUTMANN! GUTMANN LARA GF systems present thermally insulated aluminium structures with maximum transparency and admittance of light for an innovative space that acts as a garden within your home. An idyllic haven under the stars experiencing nature at all times of the year. GUTMANN Winter gardens can be creatively designed to match your interior with our wide selection of colours to suit any demand. The sliding elements incorporated can offer a smooth transitioning from inside to outside, to further extend your space and view indefinitely.

These flexible openings can adopt many ideas including folding glass doors with GUTMANN GFS system, also with easy to operate sliding elements, and lift and slide with automated options to name a few. Every conservatory, sun room or winter garden is unique with much freedom for creative design. Gutmann building systems can support your energy conservation requirements creating a climate buffer zone that stores heat from the sun to keep indoor climate warm. With the GUTMANN German engineered quality, the aluminium frame and glass glazing can offer high thermal insulation levels that save your energy while maximizing light admittance with GUTMANN’s minimal frame structure. More importantly, the Gutmann conservatories or extensions boost your property value, increase your living space, add natural light and garden views, and act as a perfect connection between inside of the house and outside nature.

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