GUTNEWS - Good news from GUTMANN



... is a popular trend in corporate communications. One might think that there are no real stories to tell and for that reason they are fabricated. Nothing could be further from the truth, the world is full of real stories. You all have stories to tell, as do we. We only have to write them down.
This was the intention of our editorial team as they started to work on GUTNEWS. They went backstage, talked to the people who construct GUTMANN products, to the people who buy them, to the people who install them. This is how we want to transfer our Know-How, between our customers and GUTMANN and vice versa, but also between our customers. Because we strongly believe that the power in competition lies in working together and not against each other.
We plan to publish GUTNEWS quarterly. We know what is going on here, in our house. You know what is going on in yours. So please tell us about you. If you are working on something Special with our products, if you manage to handle a construction out of the ordinary, let us know. Together we will handle the Know-How-Transfer. And of course, if you have a complaint or if you have any remarks, please tell us also.

We are wishing you a nice time with our GUTNEWS and look Forward to the future stories.