GUTMANN Weather Bars

System Accessories

For many years now, GUTMANN weather bars and precisely fitting end covers have been a guarantee for reliable wood protection and safe drainage of surface water.

  • Construction independent of rebate
  • Controlled surface water drainage via the frame
  • Optimal rear ventilation
  • Improved isotherm values due to the special geometry and assembly with plastic clip holders
  • Reduced condensation in the window assembly
  • End caps are not required
  • Construction independent of rebate
  • Controlled surface water drainage to the outside via the aluminium bar
  • Optimal rear ventilation
  • No capillary joint in the construction
  • Improved isotherm course through assembly on plastic holders and special weather bar geometry
  • Reduced condensation in the window assembly
  • Use of a combination cover optional (subsequent assembly prevents transport damage)
  • End caps are not required
  • Professional and cost-effective installation.
  • Design independent of rebate.
  • Controlled diversion of surface water over the facing frame.
  • Optimal rear ventilation.
  • Reduced condensation in the window construction.
  • End caps for the system are available.

Sashes and frames of a window are exposed to an extremely high degree of snow, ice, hail, rain, and ultraviolet rays. The sash cladding profiles developed by GUTMANN protect the worn-out wood of the bottom transom in an effective and long-lasting manner. They are just as suitable for new windows as they are for reconstructing already installed windows. Sash cladding profiles are available in white, brown, and silver, as well as all RAL colors.

Product Details:

  • Greatest possible protection from rain and increasing UV radiation
  • Perfect protection of the often worn-out horizontal sash in new windows and already installed windows
  • Simple assembly with clip-on holders and other accessories