GUTMANN MIRA contour integral

Window System

Trendsetting technology – more than just a design solution

The MIRA contour integral wood-aluminium system features a narrow frame view with completely concealed sashes up to the sound-control glass pane. This design allows for a very high incidence of light. The integral windows are an ideal fit for modern buildings and make many versatile solutions possible for architecture using premium technology.

The GUTMANN MIRA contour integral system can be executed in single, double and pitched rebate construction.

  • With minor changes in the wood sash, the GUTMANN MIRA contour integral can be placed on the offset wood cross section of the GUTMANN MIRA system in the classical style
  • With small radii on the visible edge, the profiles display clear lines
  • The system is characterized by narrow frame faces with concealed sashes
  • The accessory range from the GUTMANN MIRA system can be used without restriction
Water tightnessWater tightness9A
Air permeabilityAir permeability4
Wind loadWind loadC3/ B3
Impact resistanceImpact resistance4

Test sample: Double-sashed tilt & turn window with operable center section (2,200 mm x 2,200 mm)

1 Element size: 1,230 mm x 1,480 mm | Wood species: Spruce | Wood thickness: 88 mm | Ug value: 0,6 W/m2K | Glass spacer: Thermix TX.N plus