Curtain Wall System

Combine technologies – Unite advantages

„Hybrid“ designates a system in which two technologies are combined. GUTMANN hybrid systems unite the advantages of different frame materials for windows, doors and curtain walls: aluminium on the outside for perfect weather protection, interior wood surfaces for a natural appearance in combination with low-maintenance plastic surfaces. Aluminium surfaces in stylish colors – together with wood or plastic materials.

GUTMANN systems apply continuous aluminium to the building exterior. This protects the wood and plastic profiles arranged behind the aluminium shells perfectly from the damaging effects of weather and high mechanical stresses. Slim aluminium assemblies handle the structural tasks in the curtain wall area, thus increasing the proportion of glass for optimum light and transparency. Wood panel elements create a particularly pleasant atmosphere.


Naturally, highly insulated systems suitable for passive house use from the different GUTMANN series can be combined with each other, e.g. the F50+/F60+ mullion and transom curtain wall and the MIRA therm 08 PH insert window. An economical, composite construction method opens up opportunities for the architect and the building owner. Especially in the commercial property business, systems with different price levels can be combined perfectly – without reduction of technical performance characteristics.