The MIRA series from GUTMANN: the lifting and sliding door system with minimal frame view

Large glass surfaces merge the interior with the exterior. Benefit from the easy implementation of architecturally sophisticated projects, the elegant appearance, the innovative technology, and modularity as well as the incomparable comfort of the GUTMANN MIRA series. The façade represents a building to the outside. At the same time, it protects the interior from the surroundings. A building envelope must fulfil a wide range of requirements. Expand its functions and adapt it to individual ideas: The lifting and sliding door solution of the GUTMANN MIRA series enables an elegant and discreet transition between the interior and exterior with the largest possible glass surface. Thus, we use high-quality and sustainable materials as well as technology that is thought-out down to the last detail.


Sustainable and comfortable: wood

Wood is light, stable, insulates and stores heat. In addition, it has a pleasant feel and a clean look, thus creating a cosy atmosphere. Take advantage of the aluminium-wood system's benefits and choose the lifting and sliding doors from GUTMANN building systems.

Durable and light: aluminium

The outer shells of the GUTMANN MIRA series are made of aluminium. The choice of this material has numerous advantages: It iseasy to clean and requires little maintenance. It is also extremely robust and durable. Despite its low weight, it has a high load-bearing capacity and allows for large glass surfaces with high pane loads and minimal frame views. Our aluminium frames are available in numerous shades.

Room-high glazing with a minimal frame view: follow architectural trends with the GUTMANN MIRA series. The outstanding quality of our system allows great transparency despite the high pane weights. The large glass surfaces provide natural light and warmth in the interior spaces. This not only has a positive effect on the atmosphere of the rooms, but also on the energy balance of the building. Narrow profiles and the hidden technology of the hardware enable an uncomplicated and elegant barrier-free transition.

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Technical innovation and modularity: individual solutions with the GUTMANN MIRA series

The modularity of our products gives you maximum design freedom. The GUTMANN MIRA series offers you the following options at one glance:

  • room-high fixed glazing
  • implementation of schemes A, C, G and K in all variants
  • lifting and sliding door solution with certification up to RC 3
  • can be combined with the various hardware suppliers GU, Hautau, Maco, ROTO and Siegenia
  • glass weights up to 400 kilograms, depending on hardware supplier
  • aluminium frames available in a wide range of colours

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