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As restrictions ease and travel bookings increase, we find ourselves leaving the comfort of our homes to seek new adventures. One need not worry about intruders or home safety while travelling. The majority of burglaries occur during the day and through weak entry points in your home or business, such as your door, window or sliding element. The common burglar uses basic tools like pliers and pry bars, because they can be easily hidden and hard to trace. They rely on being quick and prefer to accomplish the whole job within 10mins, otherwise they risk being caught.


Authorities encourage that your building openings have a minimum classification of RC2. These classifications define the amount of time or delay that a window or door can present against burglars. An RC2 classification presents resistance time of 3 minutes for amateur burglars equipped with basic tools of screwdriver, pliers and wedge, while RC3 presents resistance time of 5 minutes for a repeat burglar with better equipment like two sets of screwdrivers, hammer, manual drill and crow bar.

So how does Gutmann ensure protection of your home

Gutmann believes a home is where we feel safe, it’s a space that provides comfort and protection from exterior elements, be it the weather, danger or intruders. That’s why Gutmann designs building envelopes with anti-burglary solutions that offer peace of mind. The wood aluminium lift and slide elements from GUTMANN MIRA Series offer high technical specifications with anti burglary solutions reaching classifications of RC3. The specialized opening and closing mechanism of lift and slide presents a smooth and quiet movement. However, once the locking mechanism is engaged, the full weight of the glazing is set down on the frame. Burglars not only require leverage to break the lock but also need to lift the entire weight of the door, which could reach up to 400kgs. Property owners should also avail from government funded grants and subsidies to upgrade their building systems to incorporate anti-burglary solutions with better RC classifications.

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