Advantages of Gutmann’s window sills

The main purpose of a window sill is to protect the brickwork or wood below a window opening from water penetration and against harsh weather conditions. Typically, a window sits in the opening of the wall façade and the exposed part is covered by a sill, placed at a slight slope away from the wall of the building to allow for proper water drainage. But the advantages of a GUTMANN window sill far exceed this primary purpose. Firstly, the material selection of aluminium in the GUTMANN window sill outweigh other materials because of aluminium’s strong and durable qualities along with its low weight and modern fabrication, makes it ideal for easy installation. GUTMANN’s aluminium window sills impress with their highly resistant characteristics and protection against ultraviolet light, heavy rainfall, wind and dirt.


Furthermore, by installing the Gutmann drainage module Delta, mounted under the window sill, it reliably dissipates penetrating moisture to the outside and thus prevents costly structural damage. No preliminary planning is required for the assembly of the Gutmann’s delta drainage system, it easily fits in the corner under the window and window sill to ensure moisture and water is not accumulating in the connection between wall façade and window. This simple and economical solution will complete the Gutmann window system and improve thermal insulation up to passive house criteria.

Along with the window, the window sill completes the look of the exterior façade. With Gutmann’s full range of RAL colours, individual customization has never been easier. Get in touch with a GUTMANN consultant to find out how you can protect your window and home.

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