Following extensive renovations to make it ready for the Ski Flying World Championships in 2018, the Heini-Klopfer ski jump – affectionately known as the "leaning tower of Oberstdorf" reopened to visitors at the start of July. Take in the thrilling view of the Freibergsee lake and the Stillachtal valley, and dive into Oberstdorf’s rich ski jumping history.

"The most unusual part of the construction was the installation of the façade elements at a dizzying height of over 90 m. The base façade was built in a sensational time of just three working days, which included creating the 'Adlerhorst look' and installing the glazing," says Franz-Josef Bietsch of woodworking firm Holzverarbeitung Bietsch.

Data and facts

Ski jump platform height:                                         3,33 m

Total height of start tower:                                          72 m

Run-up incline:                                                              39 °

Run-up length:                                  122,5 m incl. platform

Number of start steps:                                                     58

Experience the world of ski flying

Find out how it feels to be a ski flier! Visit the new Heini-Klopfer ski jump platform, one of the largest jump facilities in the world.

Thanks to the new, accessible inclined lift, you can now reach the “foot” of the jump tower effortlessly. From there, you can see the entire facility. Of course, the lift also acts as an aid for reaching the hiking trails around the Freibergsee lake.

Experience the stunning view from the “leaning tower of Oberstdorf”, taking in the Stillachtal valley, the Freibergsee lake and the Oberstdorf mountains.

Stand 70 metres above ground level and feel what goes through an athlete’s head before they take their jump.

Sportstätten Oberstdorf
Hans-Peter Jokschat
87561 Oberstdorf, Germany

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