PROJECT REPORT: GLEIS 1 in Kreuzlingen

Accents in white

The GLEIS 1 business building catches the eye with its innovative, original architecture

"The GleisEins business building is the new lighthouse in Kreuzlingen", declared Edgar Sidamgrotzki", Head of the Office for Economics and Labour (Source: Kreuzlinger Zeitung). The spatial connection of the new commercial building, which was completed in the industrial zone along the railroad line in a construction period of just one year, succeeds harmoniously in Kreuzlingen. The ostensible concern for the architects and the building owners was to have a modern formal language and a clear cubic volume, visually as well as functionally. Similarly there was a focus on large-area glazings for an unimpeded view outwards and an enhanced amount of incoming sunlight combined with simultaneous energy savings.

With the new build on the commercial property, the building owner, Immobilien Basel Stadt, is setting a high-quality architectural accent. Clarity, openness and energy efficiency are the essential themes. The three-storey building offers 1800 sqm for offices, trades, doctors' surgeries and training areas. The criterion for the selection of the site was the immediate vicinity to the Kreuzlingen railroad station, which represents an important traffic intersection in the booming city. The border city also offers the entry gate into in the "Services of Canton Thurgau". The modern architecture of GLEIS 1 makes a positive contribution to the appearance of the city and is the "calling card for the city of Kreuzlingen".

The exterior façade of the project is visually dominated by the pronounced diamond-shaped pattern which is presented in gleaming white. "The fundamental design feature is the appearance of the façade, which is marked by two levels", explains Architect Serdar Eyiz of Adank & Partner AG. "On the one hand, the white belts that form the first level of the project take on a design function. On the other hand, these strongly characterising elements of the façade provide privacy for the users of the building. The second level contains generously arranged window units which ensure the climatic separation to the outside".

In addition to the challenging building physics requirements, such as thermal insulation and noise protection, the colours of the GUTMANN S70+HW aluminium profile systems also played a great role. The decisive factor here was the desired homogeneity between glass and profile, so that the viewer has the impression that the complex is cast from a mould. Demanding requirements were also specified in the area of bird protection for the selection of the glass panes. Experts were brought in specifically for this purpose.

The innovative building with innovative architecture also convinces with its interior values. A foyer flooded with light provides the visitors with a sunny reception. An air space establishes the visual reference to the first floor. A clever play with the materials used in the interior was implemented here. Reduced elegance draws the eye of the viewer to the essential elements.

Preference meets economic efficiency

In order to successfully implement the ambitious building concept, clear objectives were required. The architecture firm in charge of the project, Adank & Partner AG of Amriswil, Switzerland, focused on cost-effectiveness, durability and high-quality architectural design options that would give the GLEIS 1 building its charm. In order to fulfil all the requirements, it was extremely important for the architects to choose the right window system. Hochuli Metallbau AG of Wigoltingen, Switzerland, was contracted to produce 904 m² of windows with the S70+HW aluminium profile system. More than half of the building's outer walls are made of glass, with was only possible with the use of triple glazing. Together with a sophisticated insulation system and additional ventilation outlets on the windows, this gave the building an exemplary energy efficiency rating. This was achieved by exploiting the benefits of the aluminium profile system, which can be used to realise an extremely wide range of architectural requirements, including large installation heights.

Partnership creates perspectives

Jörg and Frank Hochuli - Hochuli Metallbau AG - draw attention to the advantages of the aluminium systems from GUTMANN: "The demanding technical requirements with respect to building physics, complex structural connections and installation, in addition to previous experience with other building projects motivated us to choose GUTMANN as system provider. The technical detail consultation and the joint formulation of solutions for the design that were held in advance were highly productive. The high degrees of prefabrication of the aluminium system proved to be advantageous during installation, which meant that the very tight scheduling deadlines for the building project were able to be met. The partnership collaboration of all of the trades participating in the building project and the ongoing coordination during the building phase was indispensable for the completion of the project according to schedule".

Successful together

Since its foundation in April 2007, Adank & Partner AG has been intensively involved with architecture in its comprehensive context and has continued to develop steadily. New fields of activity have opened up and existing ones were developed further. A wide-ranging team of graduate architects, structural draughtsmen, building supervisors and apprentices are available, depending on project requirements and enable a wide spectrum of services, ranging from studies through planning, up to and including actual implementation. Every project is regarded as a fresh challenge and considered in its entirety. Impressive building projects ranging from private homes to commercial construction, all the way to prefabricated residential units are indicative of the comprehensive spectrum of Adank & Partner.

Hochuli AG maintains its headquarters in Wigoltingen, Switzerland and currently has 55 employees on the payroll. "Between yesterday & tomorrow! The new craftsmanship", is the slogan of the metal construction company. Founded in 1895, the tradition-rich company lives its passion for metal and glass and can point to numerous references, including Pädagogische Hochschule Kreuzlingen and Insider Park Dübendorf. The careful handling of the material, the unconditional quality in the processing and the great reliability with respect to the customers as partners are absolute basic principles for Hochuli AG.