Symbiotic relationship between construction and environment

The stunning sporting goods boutique by the lake (Sporthaus zum See) has made a harmonious addition to the cityscape in Konstanz since 2009. Reminiscent of the beige stone materials used in the historic building adjacent, exposed concrete elements with glass façade profiles in architectural bronze were developed for use in this project.


„It was our idea to develop a material concept for the exterior façades that follows the basic concept of a solid traditional construction, yet confers a dynamic character.“

Martin Bächle, Architect


GUTMANN developed precisely such a specialised solution: it relies on GUTMANN architectural bronze. The material has the advantage of combining sophisticated design with effective weatherproofing.


„Our new store has become a place of pilgrimage for countless other sporting goods dealers. The modern design has set the trend for the entire industry.“

Peter Kolb, building owner of Sporthaus zum See